What kind of activities are there in the US and British Virgin Islands?

We’ve categorized our trip destinations by activity to help you plan out your charter day trip – maybe you’ll snorkel in the morning, stop somewhere to shop and get some lunch, hike after lunch out to Bubbly Pools and then hit a beach bar (or three). Use the activity cards below to read more about them and consider various island stops for your upcoming cruise.

  • Other than an ice cold drink, there’s nothing quite like an ice cream cone or cup in the Caribbean.  I scream, […]

    • It’s the islands – you can pretty much sun bathe anywhere you want, all day long:  the bow of the […]

      • Many locations have games like Corn hole, Ring toss, Shut the box, you get the idea…  Life is more fun […]

        • Music is abundant in the islands.  Sometime It’s live music other times is a DJ playing you favorite tunes…   […]

          • There are beaches everywhere in the Virgin Islands.  Beaches with a party, and secluded beaches away from the crowds.  What […]

            • Some of us like to do a little walking through out the day.  Maybe you wouldn’t mind stopping on an […]

              • Caribbean Cocktails can be had at many of the destinations through out the day.  Maybe you need a Painkiller from […]

                • Sometimes a little walk is not what you are looking for.  You are active and want to spend your day […]

                  • Custom locations throughout the Virgin Islands are where we check you into the British Virgin Islands and back into the […]

                    • While you can dance just about anywhere,  Locations marked with this activities are most likely the best places to find […]

                      • Granted you can swim most anywhere there is water.  However, locations marked with the swimming activities are more conducive to […]

                        • Locations marked with the Snorkeling activities have a high probability for seeing marine life such as Tropical Fish, Sea Turtles, […]

                          • What’s that?  looking for a place to buy a souvenir of your trip to the Virgin Islands?   locations marked […]

                            • Some beaches and parks in the islands have grills built in so you can picnic and cook your own lunch or […]

                              • Playing is the caribbean can build up quite an appetite.  Locations marked with Food are places you can enjoy a […]

                                • Wondering if any of the fun spots in the Virgin Islands have overnight accommodations?  Locations marked with Lodging have just […]