The US and British Virgin Islands have more than 80 islands combined, each one unique in its own way. We’ve detailed the islands with destinations that are enjoyable and accessible on a day charter, and allow you to browse the activities or places of interest.

  • Txt about Whistling Key

  • This little island sits off Hawksnest point on the north shore of St. John and has some nice …

    Destinations on Henley Cay
    Henley Cay

    Lovango Cay is a small US Virgin Island popular for SCUBA diving that is also a great drift snorkeling location.

    Destinations on Lovango Cay
    Lovango Beach Club Lovango Cay Snorkeling

    Water Island is a beautiful spot just off Charlotte Amalie harbor on St. Thomas and home to a few hundred […]

    Destinations on Water Island
    Dinghy’s Beach Bar

    One of the larger of the British Virgins, Virgin Gorda is home to the Baths and …

    Destinations on Virgin Gorda
    Bitter End Yacht Club The Baths

    Marina Cay is a beautiful little chunk of rock that houses a Marina, Pusser’s, …

    Destinations on Marina Cay
    Pusser’s at Marina Cay
  • Actually connected to Tortola, this little ‘island’ is an enormous marina with …

  • Just off the southwestern tip of Tortola, this little islands a special spot in …

    Destinations on Frenchman’s Cay
    Soper’s Hole Marina Pusser’s at Soper’s Hole

    Just off the northwest corner of the bigger Jost Van Dyke, Little Jost has a couple of small beaches and […]

    Destinations on Little Jost Van Dyke
    B-Line Beach Bar

    This small island has a couple of great …

    Destinations on Scrub Island
    Scrub Island Resort

    Destinations on Saba Rock
    Saba Rock
  • Peter Island is home to

    Destinations on Peter Island
    Peter Island Resort

    One of our most popular islands next to Jost Van Dyke, Norman Island includes the Indians, Caves, Aquarium snorkeling spots, Willy […]

    Destinations on Norman Island
    Secret Spot The Caves The Aquarium The Indians Willy T Pirates Bight
  • Little Thatch is a small island with a few full-time residents…

  • Guana Island sits just off of Tortola’s north shore and has

    Destinations on Guana Island
    Monkey Point

    Great Thatch lies just off the north coast of St. John and has a couple of beautiful, rarely visited snorkeling […]

    Destinations on Great Thatch
    Great Thatch Island
  • Situated just east of Cooper Island, Ginger …

  • Home to the wonderful …

    Destinations on Cooper Island
    Cistern Point Cooper Island

    Destinations on Sandy Spit
    Sandy Spit

    Destinations on St. Thomas
    Pizza Pi American Yacht Harbor – Red Hook
  • Beef Island is home to not only EIS international airport, but …

  • Tortola is the biggest …

    Destinations on Tortola
    Myett’s Smuggler’s Cove Paradise Restaurant & Bar Nanny Cay Marina BVI Customs at West End, Tortola

    Well known for its ..

    Destinations on Jost Van Dyke
    Foxy’s ManJack Ice Cream Ivan’s Stress Free Bar Gertrudes Bubbling Pool BVI Customs at Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke Hendo’s Hideout Foxy’s Taboo Corsairs Seddy’s “One Love” Bar Coco Locos Beach Bar Soggy Dollar Bar

    Destinations on St. John
    Lime Out Honeymoon Beach Mermaid’s Chair Maho Bay Waterlemon Shoreline Booby Rock Hawksnest Beach US Customs Trunk Bay Waterlemon Cay

    A small piece of sand, rock and palm trees just off the southeastern end of Jost Van Dyke, Sandy Cay is a […]

    Destinations on Sandy Cay
    Sandy Cay

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    Destinations on Prickly Pear
    Dinghy’s Beach Bar Soper’s Hole Marina Bitter End Yacht Club Secret Spot The Baths The Caves The Aquarium The Indians Pusser’s at Soper’s Hole Willy T Pirates Bight