Cleaning and little steps toward normalcy on St. John

Palm Tree Charters Jeep in Cruz Bay
1st Day back on St. John post Hurricanes Irma/Maria
October 7, 2017
Cinnamon Bay ruins, Sunday Oct 7, 2017
Time for the beach
October 9, 2017
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Cleaning and little steps toward normalcy on St. John

hermit crab on St. John after hurricane irma and maria

Key's house at Catherinberg, St. John

Saturday  Oct. 7th 2017

We drove into town for the morning meeting at 7:30 only there was no morning meeting on Saturday 😐

Clean clean clean is what we did all day. Jimmy on the outside, me on the inside. Did I mention it’s one million degrees? We seriously smelled like goats by 3:00pm. Jimmy fixed the washer and we put bleach in the cistern. Lots and lots of bleach. That’s gonna be great on my hair. Ugh.. anyway now we have dead frogs. The load of towels I washed still smells like tuna fish. Lovely. Does everyone even know what a cistern is? I didn’t before I moved here. It’s where rain water is collected and used for showers, hand washing, everything water basically. This has nothing to do with a hurricane, it’s just part of island living but this aquarium situation I have is a little out of the ordinary. This may be a boring post, but it was a boring day. I have to have my house in order for a sense of calm when we return for the day.

hermit crab on St. John after hurricane irma and maria

I did see the post office lady outside the post office today. She was handing out mail that was sent before the storm a month ago. Armed guards were on both sides of her. Seemed kinda stupid because the island feels as safe as ever. I have no idea why they were there.

Hermit crabs are everywhere in our yard.  Also sharing some pictures of the cottage. We are very lucky to still have a standing home. The patio roof is gone, but that’s minor considering how hard our island got hit by the storms.  After cleaning all day we went into town to get ice.  We waited in line for 30 mins to get our rationed 1 bag. Life is good!

May hit the beach for a minute on Sundayand watch a little football at The Dog House Pub.

Tadpoles in the Cistern

Catherinberg Estates

Ice rations at St. John Ice