What is it like to live and work in St. John?

What is it like to live and work in St. John?

What’s it like to live on St. John?

This is one of the most common question I’m asked by guests on our Palm Tree Charters cruises.

We needed Water

I’ll give you a glimpse.  Yesterday we were off work.  We needed water. Since we can’t drink our sink water, we loaded up our empty five gallon jugs and hauled them to the “water place.”  I’m still confused: can I rinse fruit in my kitchen? Or an egg?  The landlord explained the water flows straight from the roof into our facet. And we do have a lot of birds flying over – so my guess is the answer is ‘no.’

After water, we went to the Post Office

Nobody on St. John can have mail delivered to their home, sunsetso a daily post office run is almost required. Great, I have yellow card in my slot, which means we’ve got a package from one of the handful of places that will deliver.  I wait in line 32 mins and am rewarded with a box of paper bowls that are $1.38 cheaper than the market.  Not sure if I really ‘saved.’

Next stop: the Bank

In the VI, the roles between banker and customer are reversed: you are thankful to be their customer they are not thankful for you.  You must put up with the sighs while they ‘have’ to wait on you. Another half hour wait.

Finally, the Market

I stopped by the market.  I bought a bag of almonds for $15 dollars, a bag of grapes for $13, some chicken, and eggs for some chicken salad. By time I’m done with the chicken salad I realized I could have had dinner at the finest restaurants without the dirty dishes to clean!  It was good.

Are you waiting on some positive to balance this out?

I did all my errands in a tank top and flip flops which by the way are the only shoes I own now. It’s mid 80’s and it’s winter.  I ran to my favorite watering hole for happy hour and to watch the sunset. All the restaurants and bars here are open air.  I’m not sure the last time I opened a door at a eating establishment.  I ran into friends and didn’t worry that my shirt had a tiny hole or a stain, or to be honest that i hadn’t showered today. Nobody seriously cares.  We laughed, we talked, we watched this week group of tourists walk the beach holding hands and taking their family photos. We try not to tell anyone we live here.  It leads to too many questions. I’m bored with answering them as are my friends.  Ask me if I have a sister, not why I moved here. I want to keep this blog to tell you the reality of being here full time.  Sometimes it’s pretty pictures. Sometimes it’s that damn rooster crowing outside my window every morning or the goat that blocks the driveway. More on him later.