Life on a Rock

Foxy Callwood snorkeling
Our 1st BVI trip since the hurricanes
November 2, 2017
The Willy T is OPEN for business at its new location.
June 5, 2018
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Life on a Rock

sunset at Caneel Bay

What have we been up to these days? Well, life at home is pretty much the same with the difference being we are pretty used to it:

We get up every morning and turn the generator on.

We get a load of clothes washed during that hour so that we can get them to the line to dry.

We drink coffee on the patio while we wait.

We also shut all the windows and run the dehumidifier during that hour to help dry everything out and keep the mold away.

Food spoils quickly with the fridge running only a couple of hours a day so we keep food down to just what we are eating today if it’s cold food. Leftovers go to the trash.

Currently we are battling gnats. They come into our house by the 100’s at night. We have secure screens on our windows. Jimmy is on a mission to figure out where they come in and how to stop them.

The hardest part for me is hot water. I miss it terribly. A cold shower is not refreshing. It’s cold.

We still have no phone, TV, or internet service while at home. I miss shooting a quick text from the couch or calling my mom on a whim. We do drive into town everyday to check emails, make calls, etc.

We have been on the water twice. Once on a paid charter and once with friends. We are gonna have a happy hour tonight with eight friends on Mooring ball at Caneel. That will be fun. We took our boat at 10am today for the memorial boat service of Richard Benson, the captain of the sailing vessel Athena, who died during hurricane Irma.

Thanksgiving week has three full days and a sunset booked so far. December guests are trickling in as well. The BVI’s are so battered, but so beautiful. We love St John more than ever. Life feels simple…Boring sometimes but we have each other and wine and the most amazing sunsets 😊🌴