The Willy T is OPEN for business at its new location.

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November 8, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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The Willy T is OPEN for business at its new location.

As many of you may know, the Willy T over off Norman island for years was blown ashore by Hurricane Irma in September of 2017.  Sadly this boat was a total loss.  But, we have great news!  They have been working hard to build a new boat so we can all enjoy the Willy T experience once again!!  On June 2nd 2018, the new Willy T III opened in its new location in Great Harbor off of Peter Island.   We were fortunate to have the perfect guests on board our boat.  The Snyder family from Florida.  They are huge Willy T fans and attending the opening event was their top priority for they day.  We headed over to the new location off Peter Island around noon only to realize the Willy T had not made it over from Road Town to is anchorage.  We went for a nice lunch over at Cooper Island. (Newly rebuilt and very nice!)  After Lunch we decided to head over to Road Town in hopes to at least see the new Willy T.  We found it as they were trying to launch it from the dock.  After a period of time it looked like maybe we would miss the actual opening, and we headed over to Nanny Cay for a cocktail and chill at the pool.  As were were leaving we meet the boat that had been helping to pull the Willy T off the dock and they told us she was on the way to Peter Island!  We took off to be there for this historic event.

Here’s the Willy T heading over to its anchorage.


We approached Peter Island at the same time the Willy T cruised into Great Harbor.  Other boats were there as well and you could hear the screams of joy as they positioned the boat on is anchor.   Within 5 minutes of being on its anchor they were ready for the party to begin!

Boats began to raft up and it was an instant party with people (our guests & Jimmy included) took their 1st jump from high atop the 2nd level.  They had a DJ playing great music as several familiar faces began to serve great cocktails.  It was a certainly a day we’ll never forget!